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About Basal Cell Carcinoma

At SkinMD in Hurst and Weatherford, TX, we are experienced skin care providers who diagnose and treat all levels and stages of basal cell carcinoma (BCC). As the most common type of skin cancer, we are always prepared to examine skin that portrays the symptoms of this prevalent condition.

BCC may seem like a normal pimple, open sore, rash, or bump on your skin. However, with further investigation, you may be surprised to find out that you have skin cancer during a routine physical examination. BCC are simple skin cells that have mutated into malignancies from too much sun exposure. We find many BCC in areas where sunlight or tanning beds have damaged the skin (face, back of the neck, chest, nose, ears, scalp, forearms, and legs). BCC can develop gradually anywhere on your body but still cause a lot of damage by taking over the cells deep into your dermis. At SkinMD, we are well-versed in skin cancer diagnostic testing and treatment and want to provide you with the medical skin care you deserve. Call and schedule an appointment today.

Known Causes

No matter what the cause of your skin growth (a possible basal cell carcinoma), there are ways to diagnose and treat your skin condition at SkinMD. There are certain circumstances (medical and environmental) that make you more likely to develop a BCC:

  • A family medical history of relatives with BCC or medical conditions that develop skin cancer growths
  • Chronic wounds or sores that will not close and heal (with or without scarring)
  • Regular or overexposure to the sun on the face, ears, neck, scalp, shoulders, and back
  • A history of never wearing sunscreen or protective coverings on the scalp or skin
  • A medical condition that has injured your skin (like diabetes)
  • A low or suppressed immune system

Presenting Symptoms

Symptoms of a BCC may look like other common skin conditions like acne or eczema. It can look like a simple bump on the skin or a pimple that never heals. What you need to look for when examining your own skin for signs of skin cancer are abnormalities. You know your skin best. When a wound or a sore that stays open for weeks or there are scars that have changed in shape of color — those are the areas to ask your trusted provider about. If you feel that you have a mole that doesn't seem to look right, a pearly-colored lump under your skin, or a growth that appears on a sunspot, you could have the symptoms of a BCC. The best way to know if you have skin cancer is to be screened by one of our providers at SkinMD. If your symptoms are not BCC, then you can have the peace of mind that you were diligently checking on your health.

Treatment Options

There are many ways to treat BCC and each patient should have his or her own personal treatment plan designed. At SkinMD, we not only serve patients with a first-time BCC diagnosis — we also serve patients of all ages and recurrent BCC. SkinMD treatments for BCC at any stage may include:

  • Ablative or nonablative laser skin treatments or surgery
  • Applications of liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)
  • Applications of topical chemotherapy
  • Biologic therapy – Imiquimod
  • Excision (scalpel or shaving)
  • Electrodesiccation and curettage
  • Mohs micrographic surgery
  • Photodynamics (light therapy)
  • Radiation

Naturally, the more severe your BCC is, the more aggressive our providers will be with your treatment. Of course, we will recommend the least invasive procedures or therapies first. If the first method is unsuccessful, then a more vigorous second treatment will be recommended.

Schedule Your BCC Screening

We have an excellent skin care team at SkinMD in Hurst and Weatherford, TX. Ease your mind by knowing what the growth or lesion on your skin is and how you can properly care for it. Schedule your skin assessment for BCC at your earliest convenience. We look forward to meeting you.

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