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About Hyperhidrosis

Sweating anywhere on your body while you are nervous or exercising is completely normal, but excessive perspiration that discolors and soaks your clothing and triggers a smelly, unforgiving odor is not. Getting treatment at SkinMD in Hurst or Weatherford, TX for this condition is much more than just wanting to feel fresh and clean because you don't want to sweat. Hyperhidrosis is a real medical condition that can be treated with BOTOX injections by one of our trained and experienced injectors. All of our providers perform BOTOX injections in the face, hands, feet, and bodily areas as needed to stop the overproduction of perspiration continuously or episodically.

Since your nerves are in control of signaling your sweat glands to do their job, we can inject a neurotoxin, like BOTOX, to stop the process before you sweat. These injections are given right where you sweat the most (underarms, groin, hands, feet, or scalp), preventing nerve impulses to stimulate the downpour. If you would like to learn more about BOTOX injections for excessive sweating, please contact either office in Hurst or Weatherford at your earliest convenience.

Known Causes

The cause of your hyperhidrosis can be discussed with our team at SkinMD. In most cases, there really is no known reason for excess sweating. This type of sweating occurs when you perspire uncontrollably, easily, or more than would be expected based on the surrounding temperature, stress, or activity level. Hyperhidrosis is an actual condition that can disrupt life and cause social anxiety that interferes with everyday life.


You may have one specific place where you are sweating or multiple areas on your body where you excessively perspire. At SkinMD, we treat hyperhidrosis with injections of BOTOX in the following areas:

Facial/scalp sweating
Overactive sweat glands on the face and scalp can be problematic for men and women. We see patients who wish to keep their scalp from sweating so much that it ruins their hairstyle or can easily produce a rolling facial sweat without trying (using makeup or happening at an embarrassing moment). Consulting with a medical professional about hyperhidrosis when you can sweat droplets in an air-conditioned room for no reason is a great idea.

Underarm sweating
If you have tried every anti-perspiration product on the market or medical-grade products with no relief, then you may need to stop the sweating in your underarms all together with BOTOX injections. Overactive sweat glands are problematic for many people, not just athletes. You may have a history of easily sweat-soaking a shirt. When you are ruining your clothes or perspiring through shirt after shirt, it is time to see a doctor about the condition.

Hand sweating
When you are nervous or anxious, sweating palms may be how your body first responds to get you to calm down. A puddle of palm sweat is never pleasant when you need to shake hands, hold hands with a loved one, or wear sporting equipment (like a mitt) needed to perform your position.

Feet sweating
Feet sweat is very common, especially for athletes or avid gym goers. However, for some, the sweat is very heavy and causes a variety of problems. Not only does it make your shoes and socks smell, but the sweat from your feet can destroy a pair of shoes quickly by wearing them down faster through constant wetness and washing. It never hurts to see a medical provider for foot odor if you cannot get the smell under control. You may have an underlying condition. A wet, dark environment in your socks and shoes are a haven for growing bacteria and fungus.

Groin sweating
If you decide to have BOTOX injections for excess sweating in the groin area, then you can leave your sweat stains to other less embarrassing areas. The sweat glands in the creases of your inner thigh can produce a great deal of sweat when you are hot, exercising, or playing a competitive sport — all activities that are in public. You may feel very embarrassed by this perspiration spot (as it may look like you had a bathroom accident). With BOTOX, your sweat will not get out of control in this area and keep you dry. It can also help keep bacteria and fungal growths at bay since it will not have the extra moisture in place.

Treatment Options

When you come into SkinMD for BOTOX injections for hyperhidrosis, we will take you into one of our private treatment rooms to perform your injections. Depending on the area you are having treated (scalp, hands, feet, underarm, groin, etc.), your injector will clean the skin before the injections. You will have a personalized dosage that will be implemented with great care. For sweating, the most common places we use BOTOX are the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, scalp, underarms, and the groin area. Once your injections are complete, you can go about your day as normal after you leave our office.

Don't Sweat It — Call Today

Stop fretting about underarm perspiration and odor with quick, simple BOTOX injections from SkinMD. Protect your laundry from sweat stains and rescue your skin from toxic substances found in the majority of antiperspirants. Despite how hard you exercise or how nervous you get, you will still look and feel clean, calm, and put together. Call our Hurst or Weatherford, TX office today to learn more or to set up your consultation.

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