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About Sebaceous Hyperplasia

You may have heard that sebaceous hyperplasia are harmless skin lesions that can be easily removed for cosmetic purposes. How do you know for sure what you have is benign? We can examine your skin to see if you have a suspicious growth. When you have an irregular bump or cysts on your skin (face or body), it is always a great idea to have it checked out by an experienced provider at SkinMD in Hurst or Weatherford, TX. Not every lesion on your skin will turn out to be a malignancy. Many people mistake sebaceous hyperplasia for acne or a malignant basal cell carcinoma. Have a trained eye look at your skin or even take a quick sample of cells (like a shave biopsy) of the area just to make sure it is benign. Then, you can move forward to get the treatment you need to improve the appearance of your skin or for an underlying medical condition.

At this time, unfortunately, there is no cure for sebaceous hyperplasia. However, our team at SkinMD have many years of experience in managing the condition when it manifests on the skin. This dermatological condition can develop as one small, yellowish bump on the skin to giant clusters of lesions that can enlarge an entire area (such as the nose). To learn more about this condition, set up a skin evaluation at SkinMD. 

Known Causes

There is no pinpoint cause for sebaceous hyperplasia. However, the medical community continues to study this skin condition and what seems to trigger the outbreaks. Men and women can both have sebaceous hyperplasia, which many believe is brought on by dipping androgen (hormone) levels. Middle-aged women are the highest at risk when their hormone levels start to fluctuate before and during menopause. You may also be more at risk for sebaceous hyperplasia if it runs in your family.


Many times when sebaceous hyperplasia is small, or if the skin is not inflamed or blemished, there are no symptoms or complaints about pain or discomfort with the lesion. There are several types of growths that develop from this condition: giant, linear, diffused, or familial. 

  • Giant sebaceous hyperplasia will basically take over an area (like the nose) and expand it tremendously with clusters of these lesions.
  • Linear sebaceous hyperplasia forms a line of individual or clusters of lesions along the skin.
  • Diffused sebaceous hyperplasia are groups of these lesions that are spread over an area of the skin.
  • Familial sebaceous hyperplasia develops on the skin of a child.

If the sebaceous hyperplasia is inflamed, it can cause some discomfort, create a sore on your skin, and bleed.

Treatment Options

The treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia can vary in invasiveness as each patient presents this condition in different levels of severity. We offer several types of excision methods (manually or with assisted with a technology). Our medical team at SkinMD can provide you with lesion removal that meets your needs such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, electrocautery, or cryotherapy.

Chemical peels
Treating your skin with a chemical peel for sebaceous hyperplasia is best by a professional at SkinMD. Your provider at SkinMD is experienced in caring for skin with sebaceous hyperplasia and will only make chemical peel recommendations that will be safe and effective for your skin condition.

Laser removal/Electrocautery/Cryotherapy
We have excellent aesthetic laser skin resurfacing treatments at SkinMD to refine the areas where the sebaceous hyperplasia is located on your skin without damaging the surrounding tissue. We may use heat or electrocautery to cauterize the lesion or cryotherapy to freeze the lesion so that it will fall off. Each treatment method has its risks and benefits. A bump or cluster of lesions may be removed, but this does not mean that you are cured of this skin condition or that it will not leave a scar or discoloration. At SkinMD, will discuss all of your options to remove your sebaceous hyperplasia.

Living With Less Lesions

If you are living with sebaceous hyperplasia, we invite you to SkinMD for an evaluation of your symptoms and how we can help manage them now and in the future. By visiting our office in Hurst or Weatherford, TX, we can provide you with medical and aesthetic treatments to help you look and feel your best — especially when you have developed a lesion of any size, shape, or color on your face or body. Let us assist you in reaching your aesthetic goals at SkinMD with safe, effective, and affordable treatments. Schedule your consultation today to get the answers and the skin you deserve.

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