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About Laser Hair Removal

Come to SkinMD for your hair removal needs, as we have some of the best technologies in aesthetics today with the Alma Harmony XL laser. Our laser hair removal services are very popular and an effective solution for longer-term hair reduction on the face or body. Consult with one of our providers at our Hurst or Weatherford, TX offices to see if you qualify for laser hair removal. This laser treatment usually leaves the skin feeling and looking smoother and gives lasting results compared to other common options (shaving, waxing, or plucking) for hair removal. We offer services for both women and men in areas like the arms, back, legs, face, chest, groin, and bikini area. There is no need for anesthesia or numbing gels with the Harmony XL laser sessions. We will do our best to make your appointment time as comfortable as possible. When you come in for your confidential consultation, we will assess your hair and skin to design a treatment plan dedicated to you. Call today.

Ideal Candidates

Hair removal with a laser is a safe treatment that is helpful for many people. At your initial consultation, we will discuss your concerns, needs, and goals so we can decide if you should get this treatment. Ideal candidates for laser hair removal treatments:

  • Want to reduce hair on their face or body
  • Will be required to stop using other techniques for hair removal (waxing, shaving, bleaching, depilatory creams) after the consultation to the next appointment date
  • Have light skin and dark hair
  • Are in good, overall physical health

Procedure Technique

On the day of your laser session, we will take you to a private treatment room where we will help you prepare your skin for the treatment. The areas of your face or body being treated will be washed to eliminate oil, dirt, and creams that could lessen the power of the laser or act as a barrier. During your treatment, your skin will need a clear pathway between the hair follicle root and the laser. The energy from the laser will focus on and destroy the follicle, which prevents the hair from growing again. Typically, you will need to have 3 – 5 treatments over a  3 – 4-week time period for optimal results. Your sessions are staggered to give the affected areas a chance to heal. It also allows time for follicles in the dormant phase to change to the phase of active growth so the laser can be effective. The revolutionary laser technology we use at SkinMD targets only the hair follicle, which preserves the skin and other tissue in the treated area.

What to Expect

Although laser hair removal is considered to be noninvasive and gentle, the treated areas of your skin may look like it has a mild sunburn when lasers are used. After your treatment, you will be able to go back to all normal activities, but you will need to avoid strenuous activity and extended time outdoors for at least a day to let the treated skin recover. At home following your treatment, we suggest soothing creams or ice packs to minimize any mild discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is laser hair removal?
The majority of your hairs will be removed with laser hair removal. It is a solid solution for hair removal; however, there are usually a few stragglers that pop up later that were missed. Hair grows in cycles. If the hair was in a dormant phase of the cycle, it would have been missed. The good news is that these hairs are generally easy to manage until you can have another session to remove them as well.

Does laser hair removal hurt?
Many patients tell us after a laser hair removal session that getting hair waxed actually felt more uncomfortable. When the laser passes over your skin, you may feel a slight sting. If you are concerned about the pain, please let us know at your consultation appointment.

Which laser is best to remove hair?
There are lots of wonderful lasers on the market these days. SkinMD is proud to provide the latest hair removal technology for all patients and hair types. The Harmony XL lasers we offer provide excellent outcomes, and we continue to upgrade our technologies as newer lasers enter the marketplace. We urge you to ask us about our in-house technologies at your laser hair removal consultation.

For simply smooth skin

By effectively targeting unwanted hair on your body and face with laser hair removal, our team at SkinMD can help you achieve skin that is smooth and will keep you on the go — not stuck inside plucking, shaving, or waxing. Make an appointment for a laser hair removal consultation at SkinMD in Hurst or Weatherford, TX today with one of our providers.

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